19 Positive Affirmation Cards To Put A Smile On Your Face

19 Positive Affirmation Cards

Cards aren’t archaic. If for anything, they are mostly used these days. Especially when you’re not a book junkie, you would prefer cards because they are simple to read, colorful and captivating. In this article, we have taken out time to write out 19 positive affirmative gift cards that you would love to have or gift to a loved one.

  • If you are new to positive affirmations you need to check this free affirmations starter kit by clicking here to enhance all aspects of your life.

1. Positive Affirmation Cards for Women Bundle – Digital Gratitude Journal, Meditation Music, Coloring Cards That Work With Watercolor Pencils

positive affirmation cardsThis card has been specially designed for women. So if you’re a woman or you have would like to get a gift for your girlfriend, mum, sister or a wife, then you could simply get this. This 54 affirmation packed card has been designed to strengthen and give you a more relaxed atmosphere. The cards are not just filled with colorful positive affirmative quotes but inspirational quotes as well. These quotes increases your optimism, enthusiasm and your energy level. This, giving you another reason to live. It has about 12 watercolor cards with a space for personal note, it also has about 30 gratitude affirmation cards and about 10 mindfulness cards. The cards are fully loaded and you can count on it to change your life. It’quite affordable as well.


2. Stress Relief Cards for Meditation Relaxation | Natural Anxiety Relief Gift for Kids, Women and Men | Affirmation Self Care Love | Calm Down Kit & Calming Brain Game for Adults

I call this an all-purpose card. This is because it serves the purpose of whatever age grade. These affirmation cards is majorly a stress relief card. It is an excellent gift card for an adult or even a kid who may need to be relieved of stress, Anxiety relief, self care love affirmation etc. These cards are quite simple, easy and understanding to read. They are also easy to practice as well. So when you are stressed, you can pick at least one of these cards. It will help you relax and help you redirect your focus. If you will be getting it for someone then I must say, you are helping your friend or loved one to regain their soul.




3. Positive Affirmation Cards – Unique 54 Card Deck with Storage Case – Train Your Mind Daily to Focus on The Positive and Watch Your Life Change for The Better. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
positive affirmation cards

These words on this cards have a huge positive effect on your life. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Words have a powerful impact on our daily lives. One sentence can have the power to alter the course of our entire day. Focus on positive affirmations and thoughts daily.





4. UNIQUE 54 CARD deck, each card measuring 3.5 x 2.5 inches

With this pack of card you would be looking forward to starting each day. It’s a wonderful gift card for adults, a sick or broken hearted loved one. If you also feel like your life hasn’t been on track, then you also need to get this pack of card. This card can also be given to friends and even co-workers to show love to them. The message on every card is enough to brighten your day and warm you up for the next level.


5. She Believed She Could, So She Did Insight Cards (Deck of 50 Empowering Inspirational Cards)

specifically designed for every woman to let you know that you are special. If you are not a woman then you can get this for your girlfriend, wife, mum, or even female workers. These cards have been designed beautifully with affirming quotes inscribed on the to help lift you and help you go about your day. This card contains some powerful quotations from great thinkers like; Malala Yousafzai, George Licas etc. These cards are about 50 in a pack, they are beautifully colored with well rounded designs giving it a fancy touch. It also has a touch of quality so it is completely durable for use.



6. Affirmators! 50 Affirmation Cards to Help You Help Yourself – Without The Self-Helpy-Ness

positive affirmation cardsIf you need a self help book, I would recommend a self-help card instead. What’s the difference? Difference is, cards like this are affordable and particularly durable for use. Cards like this have specifically been written for anyone who seeks self-help and is in need of self-help books or trainers. It’s a card that is also filled with instructions on how to go about your day and get you the right kind of satisfaction you need. It is also the right kind of gift for a friend or even a loved one.




7. Power Thought Cards: A 64 Card Deck (Box Set)

positive affirmations cardsThis 64 affirmation cards have been designed to help you find your strength and your inner self. These cards contain about 128 pieces of arts, uniquely illustrated by 5 artists. All designed o suit your need. These cards contain powerful affirmations or quotes and at the other side of the card, there lies another words of visualization that will help inspire and bring joy to your life. Now this cards can also act as a piece of art in your small corner and we all know that arts ignites life. Imagine when inspiring quotes are added.





8. How to Love Yourself Cards: A Deck of 64 Affirmations

It’s no news that people commit suicide or people have this unhealthy grudge or hate against another. Truth is, people on this category lack what I call; self-love. If you love yourself, you would understand that you are special and unique and so, you can’t commit suicide because you are worried or frustrated about a thing. This pack of 64 affirmation cards, helps you to find yourself it also helps you to love yourself! Every card in this pack has been beautifully designed with inspiring quotes to help guide your decisions and light up your day. These cards are affordable as well. So if you want some positive energy in your life, then get this cards.


9. Mindful Messages Positive Affirmations Cards Deck Meditation Card Deck

positive affirmation cardsThese cards deal majorly with the kind. 52 mindfulness cards to help understand your mind with powerful affirmations. All of these cards have been uniquely designed to don’t your need. Another great news is, these cards do not just promote mindfulness but also helps in stress relief. It has anti stress cards positioned in the pack. They are perfect therapy gift you can get for anyone.



10. Daily Meditations for Healing and Happiness: 52 Card Deck

With this 52 deck card, you can almost help those who are or have been sick; spirituality and physically. These cards contain powerful inspirational quotes an affirmations that will help lift up or ease the burden off you. You may feel choked or even uneasy with life due to a heart ache or a life threatening ailment. You can always count on this card to help you through. It has the necessary quotes for meditations. If you have not been happy for a long time now, then you should try using this card. It has powerful messages on it which will help develop and enhance your well being.

11. 60 Affirmation Cards with Thought Provoking Empowering Questions. Mindfulness cards for Group and Self Therapy. Inspirational Self Care Gifts for Women, Meditation Gifts and Conversation Starters

These are also another set of unique self therapy cards. These cards are great for self help, they also give you a daily boost of positivity. Whereby, you are able to assess yourself based in the quotes on these cards thus, increasing your self awareness. They are great for group discussions as they help start one. They are also colorful, and well designed with inspiring affirmations inscribed on them. These designs help stimulate your visual senses thus increasing your feeling or creating a desire to read what is on the card. This cards can be used anywhere, it can be used as a stress reliever as well. It is quite portable and easy to carry around. Above all, it’s affordable.

12. Affirmation Cards by Legendary Life – 120 High Impact Affirmations for Manifestation and Motivation – Ideal for On the Go – Quick and Easy as a Daily Practice – Covers 6 Different Aspects of Your Life

positive affirmation cardsThis pack of card contains about 120 affirmation cards. Now these affirmation cards are for motivation and manifestation. It’s easy and simple to use. It can be used as any place and at any time. It is perfect and portable to carry about even if you may be going on a trip. So you can quickly use it to boost your mental, emotional or even spiritual energy as well. It’of premium quality, very sleek and stylishly designed to suit your need. With the highly inspirational quotes on this card, it has been designed to motivate you and boost your self-esteem. It’also very affordable to buy.

13. Empowerment Cards for Kids – 45 Action Packed and Fun Self Esteem Exercises – Mindfulness, Encouragement, Self-Compassion, Relaxation, Body Awareness, Feelings, Fun, Dreams

Do you have kids? Or perhaps you would love to get something for your nephew, niece, cousin or children? This is certainly the best gift you can offer. Being a parent today, poses you with different challenges and responsibilities. This card can help you with some of them. This card has been stylishly designed to carry 7 different themes which includes; self-compassing, relaxation, body awareness, self-esteem, fun, feelings and dreams. The cards have also been designed in. a fun manner such that it can be used in different setting for kids! I recommend it for group activities in schools, home practical kindergarten an interactive learning tool, etc. It is affordable and brings every kid to a level of understanding.


14. Motivational Quote Cards/Business Card Size / 50 Kindness Cards

positive affirmation cardsThis card includes about 50 pieces in. a pack. They are filled with wonderful and inspiring quotes with positive messages to carry you on for the day and beyond. Also another amazing thing is that, you can buy this for your employees and it’s in fact, a perfect gift to a co-worker, cashiers and other business minded people. You can put it in someone’s lunch box or backpack, it creates a smile in their face. It also features a blank back on the card this is for you to add your own additional note if you wish to. The cards are of high quality and have been produced in the USA.


15. Creanoso Positive Affirmations Cards for Kids (60-Pack) – Six Assorted Quality Cards Bulk Set – Premium Gift for Bibliophiles, Bookworms, Book Readers, Teens & Children – Giveaways

Cards like this, are great for giveaways, teenagers, children, book readers and bibliophiles. They contain about 60 packs with 12 pieces of wonderfully designed cards. Now this cards are sturdy and they are also waterproof! This is surely one of the best cards you can get. They have been manufactured with board paper with a water resistant caring. That means you can worry less even if it gets splashed with water or any liquid at all. You can also use it as a brilliant bookmark. They are great ideas for Friday gifts, reading programs, vacations, Thanksgiving, wall decorative and even everyday occasions.

16. Motto of the Day Card Set by Compendium: 76 unique and inspiring statements with a desktop stand

positive affirmation cardsDo you need a card for you can look over at any time when you’reworking away at your table? Then this card is for you because it has a desktops and! It has about 76 beautifully crafted cards designed to motivate you and push you up. They can help inspire you even whole at work. It has a chipboard where you can place all your cards in. They are lovely and affordable.

17. Peakmood I AM Positive Affirmation Cards|Mindfulness Cards|Gratitude Cards|Anxiety Relief Toys| Stress Relief Toys| Therapy Games | Oracle Cards

These cards are thick, strong and extremely perfect for stress relief and meditation. This positive affirmation cards carries a bold inscription of ‘I AM. Now this card provides you with a regular dose of positive mindfulness and stress reliever. They are great stress relief gifts for women and they are also great gratitude cards as well. It comes with a protective storage box, where you dan store in your cards with ease. It also comes with a story guidebook that shows you how to use the cards and how to use the quotes on the cards and also how to recite them the right way.

18. Positive Affirmation Cards for Mom – Unique 54 Card Deck with Storage Case – Words to Encourage, Support, Inspire, Reassure & Uplift Mom’s Heart & Soul

These are specifically for Mom! If you are a mum or you would like to gift a mum one of these then this a wonderful card you should get. It is a positive affirmation card that has been designed to change your thoughts and channel your life to what you have always wanted. A lot of women become moms and totally forget about getting a life besides taking care of their babies which is a huge responsibility. Now this card helps them in reminding them. They are about 54 pieces each designed with a different quote and background. You can think of this as a thoughtful baby shower gift!



19. 86 Motivational, Inspirational, Positive Affirmation, Encouragement, Gratitude, Appreciation, Mindfulness, Quotes & Kindness Chalkboard Mini Note Cards by Tiny Love Cards

positive affirmation cardsThis positive affirmation card is fully loaded with positive affirmations to go with. They have been designed to brighten your day by making you feel special. You can decide to spread that love by gifting this to someone who really need this. They have special quotes that have been specifically designed or handpicked for you. They are like a business card size, with all unique designs. It’great for a co-worker, employees, great for kids you can put it in their lunch box, backpacks etc. They are a great way of showing that you care. This cards help to set you on the right mood and they have been designed to inspire you. They are east to carry about, this making it portable to handle and fit to hold in your purse.


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