38 Positive Affirmations for Money and Lasting Wealth

Positive Affirmations for Money

Truly money can’t buy happiness like the saying goes, there however is no relief quite as that derived from having sufficient money. Ever imagined a world where you would not have to worry about how your bills will be paid or having to work overtime just to be able to get by, a world where you get to live in a house of your dreams  and go on your most desired vacations, a world where student loans is not a part of you worries, a world where enjoying the good things of life is not hindered by lack of money? This world can now be made possible with these positive affirmations for money which help you bring the much-desired financial freedom to life

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You will agree with me that having money and having enough of it is definitely a major factor in having a happy life, I mean who doesn’t have a smile on their face unboxing a new pair of their favorite shoes or cruising in their dream car? Money helps to ensure to some extent “quality life”.

Like many other things mindset is key in the issues of the effect money and ownership of it has on a person. The effect the amount of money owned by a person on the tranquility, happiness and quality of life is dependent on what mindset the person has while the amount of goods and services you can afford is determined by the value of your money.  This means that money broadly has two effects broadly which like I always say AFFLUENCE and INFLUENCE. Affluence being the value the society has put on your money in terms of your purchasing power (what your money can afford to buy) and influence being the value you have put on your money in terms of the satisfaction derived from having such money (your mindset). So, I dare say that money is key to happy life. I must also mention that the value you place over money (influence) is what determines whether money will be a source of worry and concern to you or it would not.

Learning to have the proper and desired mindset about money is not an easy task as a result of the societal value placed on money. The best way to counter this is to direct efforts at developing a mindset that helps reinforce your grip and makes certain that you are not overwhelmed by societal standards. Explore the power of positive affirmations to help develop a desired mindset about money. Make use of the following affirmations below and you certainly will begin to enjoy the bliss of financial liberty. (click here to watch video)

Tips to maximize your affirmations

  • Recite your positive affirmations on a daily basis, be consistent in using them to reap optimum benefits
  • Whenever possible take out time to be by yourself as you recite or listen to your positive affirmations. This help to curb distractions.
  • If possible stand in front of a mirror as you say your positive affirmations. Making use of as many senses as possible for your affirmations work wonders.
  • Build positive financial habits. If you are new to positive affirmations you need to check this free affirmations starter kit by clicking here to enhance all aspects of your life.

15 minutes manifestation



I am content and grateful for what I have


"I have sufficient money to cater for my needs"


"I do not struggle to earn money"


I easily convert my ideas to money


"I have sufficient avenues and opportunity to earn money"


"I do not need to worry about making money, I attract money to me"


I can afford the life of my dreams


"I am not and will never be poor"


"I work too hard to be poor"


"I want more money and it’s okay"


I am free of poverty


"Money flows freely to me"


"I can conquer my money goals"


Money is just one of the essentials to living a happy life


"My happiness is not affected by lack of money"


All my daily activities make money for me


"Money will never be a source of worry for me, I always have enough"


"I am debt free. I am free of creditors"


"I am not wasteful with money. Everything I spend money on is worth it"


I let go of all negative feelings about money


"I am choosing better feelings about money"

15 minutes manifestation


"I am worthy and deserving of financial prosperity and freedom"


i help my loved ones gain financial freedom


"I have the skills required to build wealth"


I do not lack opportunities to make money


"I see abundance everywhere I go and in everything I do"


"I draw out abundance in everything I do"


I manage wisely and my wealth continues to increase


"My income is always growing and increasing"


"Money loves me as much I love money"


I have no fear of lack, I know I will always have sufficient


"I have no doubt in my work, my work carries enough value and pays me enough money"


"I receive more and more money. Money lines up in my path"


I choose to feel wealthy


"My thoughts help me create an abundant future. I conceive brilliant money-making ideas"


"My reality is financial freedom"


"I am rich, I am wealthy, I am abundant"


"I enjoy making money from my work"

15 minutes manifestation

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