38 Positive Thinking Affirmations For All Round Success

Positive thinking affirmations

You think it then you live it!

You are what you think. This simple statement has been consistently proven to be nothing but the brutal truth. Many accomplished persons in their stories of their journey to success tell tales of how they had first lived the life which they now have first in their minds and reinforced their desire for the life they sought with thoughts that geared them towards actualizing the life they had always wanted.

Want to live the life of your dreams?

The power of thoughts either positive or otherwise is not negligible because thoughts are the very origin of whatever is manifested in reality. Many successful actors for example have said they had imagined themselves on the big stage receiving awards even when they were yet to be recognized for their crafts at the start of their careers

This is to say that nothing occurs without it first occurring has a thought. A new business idea? It starts with a thought, a risk taken would have prior thinking given to it as well. You can now see that to have control over your thoughts is to have control over your reality because you are simply what you think. Now that you have realized your reality is ultimately an extension of your thoughts, you then have to learn how to learn how to have thoughts that will serve as the origin or point of conception for whatever it is you want to see manifest in your life and also root out those manifestations in reality which you do not desire.

This is the power of thoughts, the power to create and shape life as you want it to be.

How do I control my thoughts?

The next question to ask is how do you control your thoughts and the benefit off the power of thinking positively. 

The most efficient way of always being in control of your thoughts is to condition your mind into a state that you desire. This will make it possible to not to be distracted into having undesired thoughts due to circumstances around. This means you get your mind focused solely on what is desired and your thoughts will follow in the same direction, revolving around what your mind is focused on. This way, you are in the driving seat of your thoughts and steer your thoughts and mind in whatever direction you desire.

Condition your mind and control your thoughts with positive affirmations

What better way is there to take charge of your thoughts than through positive affirmations? The use of Positive affirmations has consistently proved effective in helping people have clarity and a focused mind. The power of positive affirmations should there for be tapped into to gain control of your thoughts and turn your mind into the warehouse where your desired reality is manufactured. Below are 38 positive thinking affirmations to put you in control of your thoughts.

Try these tips to get the best results from your positive affirmations

  • Ensure that your affirmations are personalized and customized to suit what goals you want to achieve.
  • Repetition is key. Repeat your affirmations as many times as required until you completely believe in them and all doubts are purged.
  • Recite your affirmations audibly so you can hear them. You can also record them and play them when required.
  • If you are new to positive affirmations you need to check this free affirmations starter kit by clicking here to enhance all aspects of your life.

15 minutes manifestation


My mind is filled with positive and rewarding thoughts


"My mind conceives ideas that will change the world for better"


"I have a sound mind"


I am patient, calm and always in control


i am hopeful


"I am capable of the success I desire"


My health is intact, I have enough energy to complete my tasks


"I can do whatever I set my mind to"


"No task is too difficult or impossible for me to finish"


"I am always at the right place at the right time"


I am ready to achieve my goal and live the life of dreams


"I do not doubt my abilities, I am not scared of failure"


"I drop my bad habits and form new good ones"


"I am happy"


"I have something unique to offer the world"


"I am certain of success"


"I have limitless potential"


"I am worth of love and happiness, I deserve to be happy"


I will be at my best and give my all today


"Great opportunities will always come my way"


"I am a provider of solutions"

15 minutes manifestation


I choose to think positive today, negative thoughts have no space in my mind


"I consciously accept all that is good"


"I enjoy inner peace"


"I am prosperous and refuse to accept thoughts of stagnancy"


I am strong, compassionate and loving to others and I enjoy the same


"I reject rejection, anger and hatred"


"I am loved"


"I am here to make a positive impact"


"I am motivated"


I have the ability to forgive, I wish no harm for anyone


"I reject every negative feeling about myself and my life"


"I am making myself proud"


I have the power and ability to cause to positive change


"I make positive choices for myself"


"I know what I want"


"I refuse to be bothered by things I can’t control"


"I am the best thing I need to be for me"

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